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Rolando Luci


Distributors of high end architectural and decorative luminaires

LBL Lighting LBL Lighting. has been synonymous with designing and manufacturing some of the most beautiful contemporary lighting in the industry. LBL lighting designs each offer something unique, often unexpected and absolutely beautiful. To see this stunning range of lighting please click on the LBL Lighting logo and visit all of the categories.
Bespoke service available.
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For 25 years TECH LIGHTING has been the industry leader in low-voltage lighting systems and contemporary decorative fixtures. 
In recent years their have gained broad recognition on the Architectural side of their business for balancing an absolute passion for every design detail with a deep concern for the way our fixtures illuminate a space; and we never lose site of the individuals that actually use our products.  The  latest advancements in LED lighting technology and expert craftsmanship. Element- lighting, Tiella Lights and T trak are part of Tech Lighting Group.
To see this stunning range of fixtures, please click on the TECH Lighting logo. 
Bespoke service available. For more information and prices please contact us.


BLOTT WORKS is a small independent design studio, based in the north of England, producing limited-edition hand-engineered functional sculpture. It was founded by Dan Morrison in 2012 and incorporates the talents of Andy Plant, both artist/engineers and long time collaborators with many years experience creating magical and wondrous worlds and objects.

We hope you can spare a few minutes to have a look around at some of the things we have here. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to purchase one of our limited-edition products, please contact us by emailing info@rolandoluci.co.uk or via our Contact Us page.