Indoor Lighting

Rolando Luci started over 7 years ago with Tech Lighting and Element-Lighting. Tech Lighting which is based in Skokie, Chicago is a high-end luxury lighting company, Rolando Luci supplies throughout the UK, Europe and Globally. Rolando Luci works with Architects, Interior Designers, Specifiers, Property Developers, Building Contractors, Buyers, Local Authority, Hospitality, Refurbish - Renovation, Commercial and Residential Properties. If you are interested in any of Tech Lighting or Element Lighting get in touch today! 

In the past Rolando has undertaken many interior design lighting projects, so has a good understanding of what is required.


So we are here to help you as much as possible with your projects and we can even visit you and  your clients on site if required.

If you would like to discuss retail supply or a project, please feel free to contact us.


Please note:  All enquirers sent directly to the brands are forward  to us Rolando Luci Ltd.

TECH LIGHTING has been the industry leader in low-voltage lighting systems and contemporary decorative fixtures. 
In recent years their have gained broad recognition on the Architectural side of their business for balancing an absolute passion for every design detail with a deep concern for the way our fixtures illuminate a space; and we never lose site of the individuals that actually use our products. The latest advancements in LED lighting technology and expert craftsmanship. Element- lighting, Tiella Lights and T trak are part of Tech Lighting.

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